Magalie Quinti
Ostéopathe DO Beausoleil
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Magalie Quinti

Osteopath in Beausoleil
Next to Monaco and Cap d'Ail

Your osteopath in Beausoleil, next to Monaco and Cap d'Ail is specialized in sport, perinatal and paediatric. All type of person is welcomed in her office : new born, child, adult, senior, pregnant women, athlete... 

Monaco, Cap d'Ail, Roquebrune Cap Martin

Your osteopath in Beausoleil

Osteopathy is a natural medicine adapted for everyone. Each loose of mobility in the joint, muscle, ligament or viscera can cause imbalance in your body. 


Your osteopath in Beausoleil, near Monaco welcomes in her office babies, children, teens, adults, seniors, pregnant women, or athletes for osteopathic sessions to care chronic or acute pain like : scoliosis, colic, headaches, torticolis, back pain... 

lf you have any question on osteopathy, contact me. 

Your osteopath's qualifications

  • Osteopathic studies in five years at ATMAN school in France
  • One year post-graduated with ten seminaries on several themes like pregnant women, babies... with the European School of Osteopathy in London which give an International Diploma in Osteopathy
  • Specialization in perinatal
  • Diploma in Kinesio-Taping (KT1 and KT2)
  • University Diploma in Sports Osteopathy in France
  • FIFA diploma in Football Medicine
  • Diploma GMC - Global Mobility Condition
  • Specialization in jaw problem

Different type of person

New born and child

From the beginning of his life, the fetus undergoes tensions and compressions in the belly of his mother and during childbirth throughout his engagement in the pelvis and his extraction with or without instrument. All these tensions can cause torticollis, sleep disorders, difficulties during sucking, regurgitation... 


It's therefore advisable to make a check up after the birth and at least once a year during growth. 

Pregnant women

During pregnancy, many physical and physiological changes are made in a very short time. It's advisable to see an osteopath before the beginning of the pregnancy so that these changes are made on a body that has the least possible tension.


Then during pregnancy, to prepare the pelvis to the birth and to overcome the various pains that are likely to appear as lower back pain, suprapubic pain, sciatica, reflux... 

Adult and senior

No one is the same, a car accident, a big fall, a repeated position at work, carrying an heavy load, a stressful or unhealthy lifestyle can lead to more or less significant pain on different part of the body. Osteopathy can help the body to find a good homeostasis.


You can also do osteopathic session once or twice a year to prevent injury. 


For athletes, any reduction in joint mobility results in a drop in physical performance which, over time, can lead to injury. Whatever the sporting level, it's essential to listen to your body and take care of it whether in prevention or during acute and chronic pain. 


Osteopathy can help the athlete physically but also psychically by reducing his state of stress.

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Magalie Quinti


1 Place de la Libération
06240 Beausoleil

+33 4 92 41 32 39

  • From monday to friday : 7:00 to 20:00
  • Saturday : 9:00 to 16:00

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