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My baby has a blocked tear duct

Does your baby have one or both eyes that constantly tear up ? Does he wake up with his eye stuck together or even develop conjunctivitis ? It might be that he has a narrow tear duct.

What is a narrow tear duct ?

Tears are produced by the lacrimal glands located under the upper eyelids. They help protect the eye and nourish the cornea. The tears are then channeled to the tear duct through blinking.

The tear duct is located at the inner corner of the eye and allows tears to drain from the eye into the nasal cavities. In some infants, this duct may be too narrow, causing excessive tearing. Tears flow down the cheeks instead of draining through the tear duct. The eyes often become stuck together, especially upon waking, and this stagnation of tears promotes infections such as conjunctivitis.

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This phenomenon can occur from birth or develop after a few weeks. The obstruction of the duct is generally benign and may resolve progressively. However, if it does not, the duct may need to be opened with a probe. This procedure is performed by an ophthalmologist, and while it can be very distressing for parents and unpleasant for the infant, it is not very painful. Do not hesitate to contact your pediatrician for more information on this subject.

Osteopathy can help avoid the need for this procedure depending on the cause of the obstruction. It also helps shorten the time for spontaneous resolution.

Osteopathic management of a blocked tear duct

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Consultations for infants are very different from those for adults. The manipulations are very gentle, with minimal pressure, and techniques are adapted to each infant. These manipulations are safe and painless for the baby.

Depending on the cause of the tear duct obstruction, the osteopath will work on the mechanics of the skull bones to relieve tension around the orbit and nose. A holistic approach is essential for effective treatment as tensions can originate from the face, skull, or other parts of the body. Improvements can be noticed from the first session, though several sessions may be necessary to prevent recurrences.

In addition to osteopathic treatment, it is necessary to clean your baby’s eyes several times a day to prevent infections. It is important to understand that osteopathy has its limits. If the duct is blocked due to an immature membrane, osteopathy will have no effect, and it will be necessary to consult an ophthalmologist for the probe intervention.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult your osteopath.


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My baby has a blocked tear duct

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