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Reimbursement for osteopathy : how to do it ?

Osteopathy was officially recognized in 2002 in France.

It is a first-line paramedical profession, meaning you do not need to see a doctor or have a prescription to see your osteopath.

As a result, the latter must be able to assess whether your reason for consultation is within his competence or not.

Why is osteopathy not reimbursed by social security ?

Social security does not reimburse osteopathy for various reasons.


First of all, because the price of consultations varies greatly depending on the practitioner and the geographical area where you are located. The average price for a consultation is between 60 and 65 euros (in consultation at the office).

It is therefore very difficult to find a correct price for the Social Security reimbursement portion. There would have to be a tariff for all osteopaths and some would charge fees, which would not change much in the current situation.

But how to assess the reimbursement portion ? How many sessions per year should I take care of ?

You will understand, this is a very sensitive and complicated subject !


Then, osteopathy being a first-line profession, no medical prescription is necessary and therefore social security cannot assess the relevance of osteopathy sessions.


In short, Social Security does not reimburse osteopathy and is not ready to do so, in my opinion !

And the mutual in all this?

More and more mutuals reimburse osteopathy, which proves the confidence placed in this profession.

Indeed, mutuals prefer to reimburse a few osteopathy sessions per year rather than reimburse much higher medical expenses. They understood that the osteopath could prevent certain musculoskeletal disorders and that reimbursing an osteopathy session cost less than an operation, for example !


Recent contracts generally cover osteopathy.

Each mutual operates differently, some reimburse a certain amount over the year, others reimburse a certain amount per session with a maximum limit.


If your contract is old and has not been updated, you may not be reimbursed for osteopathy sessions. You can discuss with your mutual insurance company to obtain reimbursement for osteopathy or to add it by negotiating a minimal increase in your current contract.


In France, recently, employers have been required to offer the mutual insurance company of their choice (at least 50% funded) to their employees. They can refuse.

What to do to be reimbursed ?

First of all, you have to make sure that your mutual fund covers osteopathy.


Steps to follow :

Ask your practitioner for an invoice showing :

  • The osteopath's stamp and signature
  • The price
  • The date of the consultation

Send the invoice directly to the mutual without going through Social Security.

The reimbursement is more or less rapid depending on your mutual.

Do not hesitate to contact your mutual to find out if it covers osteopathy.

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