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Prevention in osteopathy : what is it for?

It has become very common to go see an osteopath when we are in pain somewhere, for lumbago, chronic migraines or even digestive disorders. However, prevention is not one of the most frequent reasons in osteopathy, but why ?

What is Osteopathy ?

Osteopathy is a manual medicine that aims to treat various ailments such as back pain, sciatica, sprains... The field of expertise in osteopathy is very vast and this is what makes it so rich.

Osteopathy is for everyone : infants, children, adolescents, adults, athletes, seniors and people with disabilities. It is obvious that it is important to choose an osteopath who has specialized in particular for infants / children, pregnant women and athletes.


The principle of osteopathy is to re-harmonize the body as a whole so that the different structures of the human body can function to the best of their ability.


It should be noted that osteopathy is not only made to treat, it can also prevent certain ailments.

Why consult an osteopath for prevention ?

Life is not a long calm river, we sometimes fall, have accidents even without gravity, take bad positions at work for example or even be subjected to strong tensions or stress. The body therefore accumulates all these physical and psychological traumas, sometimes even without realizing it, and these traumas will create lesions, blockages or tensions in the various structures of the body (joints, muscles, tendons, nerves, fascias …) which will gradually lead to loss of mobility in these structures.


The human body has the ability to adapt to these changes and tensions and fortunately otherwise we would spend our time with the osteopath!! To adapt to these constraints, he will create compensations so as not to have any pain. Sometimes, the body can no longer adapt or compensate and blockages or pain occur. This is usually when we think of our osteopath :).


Osteopathy in prevention therefore aims to prevent your body from no longer being able to adapt. Indeed, consulting an osteopath on a regular basis (at least once a year) helps to avoid the appearance of symptoms due to the accumulation of blockages or tensions caused by the various traumas of life. Your osteo helps you stay healthy and allows your body to be able to adapt to each moment of life by clearing away previous traumas. It's all about balance and homeostasis!


It is obvious that you cannot rest all your hopes on your osteopath, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular sports practice can also act on the balance of your body.

Prevention in osteopathy for babies

It is not because a baby has just been born that it is "brand new", on the contrary, pregnancy and childbirth can be very difficult stages for some infants. Indeed, a long delivery, contractions during pregnancy, a twin pregnancy, an umbilical cord around the neck or an extraction with instruments (spatula, suction cup, forceps) can create tension in the newborn.


Preventive osteopathy for infants is strongly recommended to prevent tensions from developing.


It is also important to do check-ups once a year throughout the growth in order to avoid the appearance of certain pains or pathologies.

Prevention in osteopathy for pregnant women

Pregnancy brings about significant changes over a short period of time. Sometimes the body does not have time to adapt. Osteopathy is a good ally during pregnancy provided that you go to see a specialized osteopath as for infants. It is interesting to consult an osteopath in prevention in order to prepare for childbirth.


Finally, after childbirth you can also do an osteopathy session to release the tensions caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

Prevention in osteopathy for athletes

Sport is a good health ally but it can also put your body to the test. Whatever your level and your age, if you practice regular physical activity, tensions can accumulate and lead to pain or even injury.

It can therefore be interesting to do preventive osteopathic check-ups once or twice a year, especially at the start of the season, in order to resume sport on a good basis.


The goal of sports osteopathy is to prevent injuries but also to optimize performance.

In short, it is recommended to have a preventive osteopathy session once a year, whatever your age and your professional and sporting activity, in order to avoid certain injuries.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact your osteopath.

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