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Carpal tunnel syndrome and osteopathy

It is a compression of the median nerve, which takes care of the sensitivity of the thumb, index finger, middle finger and the external part of the ring finger, in the carpal tunnel which is located at the level of the wrist (included between the carpal bones in back and the transverse ligament in front).


It affects more women than men (twice as much) between 40 and 60 years old.

Idiopathic (without cause) in 50% of cases, bilateral or affecting the dominant hand first.


Clinical signs :

  • Tingling in the affected fingers: thumb, index, middle and part of the ring finger
  • Nocturnal upsurge
  • Sometimes irradiation in the forearm
  • Inconvenient to reading, driving, knitting ...
  • Especially in the morning when you wake up or after a rest


If you suffer from these clinical signs, remember to consult your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and not to miss more serious pathologies.


Complementary examinations generally carried out :

  • EMG : this is the reference examination that specifies the lesion, the intensity and the level
  • X-ray
  • Laboratory tests : to rule out any differential diagnosis
osteopath in Monaco and cap d'ail for carpal tunnel syndrom

Supported :


Osteopathy :
Osteopathy can take a good grip on carpal tunnel syndrome, at least to delay the time of the operation and relieve the pain.

We can also hope not to have an operation with osteopathy provided the syndrome is not too advanced.

Even if there has been a carpal tunnel operation, it will be necessary to ensure that the wrist is corrected to avoid recurrence.


The osteopath will take care to remove any tensions that can cause this syndrome by checking the entire upper limb but also the spine, the shoulder girdle and even the pelvis. Global management is therefore necessary and in one or more sessions, you should see a change.


Kinesio-tape :
Kinesio-tape, the colored bands, can help decompress the area, promote blood and lymph flow, and decongest the carpal tunnel by draining inflammation.

Stretching :
Remember to stretch your forearm and wrist open every day to reduce tension.

Place the palms together, pressing them firmly with the fingers pointing upwards and the forearms horizontal.

Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds.

Repeat several times a day.


Herbal medicine :
You can make green clay poultices on the inner part of the wrist several times a day.


For essential oils, mix in a tablespoon of Arnica vegetable oil, Gaultherie essential oil and Peppermint (2, 3 drops of each).

Gently massage the painful area (hand, wrist, forearm).


Warning : Be sure to test essential oils on a small area of ​​skin to see if you do have an allergic reaction. If so, rinse thoroughly as quickly as possible.


Ergonomics at work :
Put a small cushion under your wrist to avoid breaking it too much when you're on the computer. There are also ergonomic mice.

Remember to stretch your wrist and open your hand frequently throughout the day when doing hand closure work.


If you have carpal tunnel syndrome and the diagnosis has been made, consider seeing an osteopath before running for the operation (unless it is mandatory).


Do not hesitate to contact your osteopath for more information.

Magalie Quinti

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