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Preparing for the start of the new school year: advice from your osteopath

Whether it is for young or old, preparing well for the start of the school year can be a real headache! A well-prepared start to school often goes hand in hand with good organization, especially if you have one or more children. The holidays are not over yet, so we already have to think about the start of the school year and the various lists of things to do before it.

Prepare for the start of the school year for children (and teenagers)

After two months or more of vacation, it's time to get back on track with the start of the school year approaching: sleep, food, sport, preparations for the start of the school year…!

The sleep

It is essential for good memorization and recovery. Indeed, periods of falling asleep allow the brain to analyze and integrate the different information it has received throughout the day. These periods of sleep also allow your body to recover, especially if the day has been tiring or if you have done sport and to regulate the production of different hormones (growth hormone, insulin, cortisol, etc.).

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Poor or lack of sleep can lead to :

  • Weight gain
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor memorization
  • A reduced immune response

At birth, an infant can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Little by little this time decreases. Around 3 years old, your child will sleep 12 hours then 10 around 6 years old, 9 hours to 12 years old and finish at 7 hours of sleep from 20 years old.


It is therefore essential, in order to prepare well for the start of the new school year, to gradually readjust to sleep earlier, as we know that holidays are often synonymous with falling asleep later. Do not wait until the first day of school to do this, it still takes a few days for your child to get used to falling asleep at the correct times.


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We are told it over enough to find out, but a balanced and varied diet is fundamental for the good development of your child, both physically and cognitively.


Good nutrition is also essential for good sleep and falling asleep.


So avoid sugary drinks daily, water is the drink to be preferred, even fruit juices are not ideal for your child, especially industrial juices where, generally, there is additional sugar which is added. Also, limit foods that are too sweet and too fatty, which may promote weight gain for your child.

Do not force your child to finish his plate if he is no longer hungry, he knows how to regulate himself. But be careful, make sure he doesn't snack all day. If so, then find a way to get him to eat more or better with meals.

A child must eat :

  • A breakfast
  • A lunch
  • A snack
  • A dinner

It is obvious that this is a generality and that each child is different. You will therefore need to adapt this according to your child and the physical activities he or she does.

The resumption of sport

September is often the time when we resume sport and especially children because associations or sports clubs for children or adolescents generally stick to the school calendar. But who says resumption of sport, says medical certificate! And yes, this is the time when we run to the doctor for a check-up and often we take the opportunity to see all the other specialists.


Attention, for any resumption of the sport, it will be necessary to go there gradually. The goal is to gradually get used to sports again and to avoid injuries. This is not advice to be taken lightly, depending on the age of your child, he may be more prone to developing a growth pathology such as Sever's disease or Osgood Schlatter for example.

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Sport is essential for the proper development of your child. It allows him to :

  • Promoting coordination and balance
  • Helping physical development
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Developing self-confidence and self-confidence
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Increase team spirit and mutual aid

Sport is therefore a good ally for your child, but be careful that sport is not too intense, especially during periods of strong growth in order to avoid injuries.

Diet, sport and sleep are three important and complementary elements for good growth and development.

Preparations for the start of the school year

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Ah those famous back-to-school races ... a real headache for some. Try to anticipate all the back-to-school purchases you will have to make, whether it's for textbooks or supplies.


Make your life as easy as possible, try to find second-hand textbooks for example it will avoid late orders and it's good for the planet !

Speaking of green, also remember to check all the drawers and collect any school supplies you already have. We are all the same, we like to start from zero at the start of the school year, but if the colored pencils are only half used, why not finish these before buying them back, especially since the supplies are not just available. '' at the start of the school year in supermarkets or on the internet, you can buy them all year round!


In short, do what is easiest for you. Above all, stay zen and don't worry about it, there are already a lot of things to deal with for you and your children at the start of the school year.

What about the return to work for adults ? We are talking about it ?

And yes, even if it's not a real start to the school year because unfortunately, with a few exceptions, we don't have as many holidays as the children, September is always synonymous with back to school and good resolutions. This is usually the time when you get back to sport after a more or less important stop, the stress gradually re-establishes itself.


For any resumption of sport, especially if you resume alone, without a coach or structure that follows you, go gradually whatever your level. The important thing is to get your body used to doing certain movements that it hasn't done for a few weeks or months again.

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And why not combine sport and focusing on yourself by doing yoga or Pilates for example. Yoga allows you to do sport while stretching and depending on the type of yoga, you will also have the opportunity to focus on yourself, take time for yourself, disconnect from stress and work ...


Sleep is also important for adults, it helps limit stress and its consequences and, like children, it is essential for good memorization, concentration and to limit weight gain (less snacking due to fatigue). With good sleep, you will also be less irritable and therefore in a better mood and more accommodating !

And yes ! Do not neglect yourself, you are also one of the pillars of your children, so you need to be in good shape for you and for them!


For more information, do not hesitate to contact your osteopath in Beausoleil.

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