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Tendinopathy of the arm

Pain in the arms is frequent, especially tendonitis. Their causes can be varied and the recovery long depending on the stress on the arm.

Tendonitis of the arm, what is it ?

Tendonitis or tendinopathy of the arm is caused by inflammation of the tendons located in this part of the body. It can affect the tendons of the biceps brachii, coraco-brachii, brachii or triceps brachii muscles. The most common concerns the biceps brachii muscle, located on the anterior aspect of the arm. The pain felt is on the upper part of the arm near the shoulder.

Zoom on the anatomy of the arm muscles

The biceps brachii muscle : it is inserted by two tendons on the supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula and on the apex of the coracoid process, it ends on the radial tuberosity.

The coraco-brachialis muscle : it is inserted on the apex of the coracoid process and ends on the humerus.

The brachial muscle : it starts from the humeral shaft and ends in the coronoid process.

The triceps brachialis muscle : it has three tendons on the supraglenoid tubercle and the lateral and medial tendon on either side of the groove of the radial nerve, the triceps brachialis muscle ends on the olecranon.

The origins of this type of tendonitis include :

  • Repetitive movements
  • An injury or too intense movements that tire the tendon
  • This type of tendonitis is common in manual workers or the elderly whose tendons have suffered microscopic tears caused by wear and tear

Symptoms of tendonitis of the arm

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Sharp pain when performing certain movements, red, hot and swollen skin indicating inflammation, pain on palpation of the tendon. Pain during movement depends on the affected muscle.


The diagnosis of tendonitis of the arm is made through a very simple physical examination : the pain comes out when the patient exercises active movements. On the other hand, when the doctor recreates these movements as a passive, no pain is felt by the patient.

In rare cases, an x-ray is done, but x-rays do not show the tendons unless they are calcified.

Treatment of tendonitis of the arm

The treatment of tendonitis of the arm requires resting the tendon in question and therefore stopping the stress on the muscle concerned. Applying cold to the area of inflammation helps relieve pain.


Anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed. Local injections of corticosteroids also relieve pain transiently in chronic tendonitis. Physiotherapy is also an interesting solution, or even immobilization by a splint before rehabilitation.

If pain persists despite rest or movement is impossible, tendon rupture is suspected and an ultrasound can then be performed.

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It is possible to prevent tendonitis of the arm by warming up properly, long enough and gradually, before significant stress on the tendons. It is also necessary to stretch after the effort and try to avoid repetitive movements.

Osteopathy and tendonitis of the arm

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Osteopathy is a good ally for tendonitis. In fact, tendonitis is an overuse of the muscle. Muscles fit into two different bones and therefore depend on one joint as a rule. If this joint is restricted, movements will be less well and therefore the muscles will tire more quickly and therefore inflammation may appear.

By restoring good dynamics of the articular, muscular and fascial structures, osteopathy makes it possible to reduce the healing time of tendonitis, especially if it is treated early. Osteopathy can be used in addition to physiotherapy treatment, for example.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact your osteopath.

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